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The Importance of Peer-Review


Peer-review is the process of subjecting research for review and criticism by a panel of peers.  This is the most respected method of vetting new medical research.  Typically, new medical research is peer-reviewed as part of its publication in a recognized medical journal.  The major medical journals have very strict publication standard, and only the strongest research reaches a publication's readers.

Peer-review is tremendously important in establishing the legal credibility of medical research.   Peer-review is typically performed in two different capacities, validity and reliability.

The first type of peer-review is validity.  In a peer-review of validity, the research is deconstructed to prove the underlying validity of the assumptions and conclusions.  Validity review establishes as fact that the study's results had the requisite accuracy (the conclusions have credibility).

The second type of peer-review is reliability.  In a peer-review of reliability, the research is assessed to determine the repeatability and predictability of the research over repeated performances.  Reliability is an important measure of the usefulness of the research when applied to a large patient population.

If medical research receives favorable review for both validity and reliability, the study can be considered to have strong predictive validity.  Predictive validity means that "the study or research is capable of making trustworthy predictions".

The value of peer-review and predicitive validity cannot be underscored enough when discussing Functional Capacity Evaluations.  Since the majority of Functional Capacity Evaluations are performed in a accident / injury situation, your records frequently face legal scrutiny.  In these legal situations, presenting material that is peer-reviewed, predictively valid, and objective is invaluable.

The MediGraph FCE 

The MediGraph Functional Capacity Evaluation has been published in two prestigious medical journals.  It was published in both the Clinical Journal of Pain and Spine.  The MediGraph FCE has been found to possess strong predictive validity.

Using the MediGraph Functional Capacity Evaluation will build a strong case, proactively prevent legal challenges, and exemplify your professionalism in the legal arena.

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