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Functional Capacity Evaluations Return on Investment

The MediGraph FCE is within financial reach of all providers. We have eliminated the exorbitant up-front costs charged by other vendors.  Instead of waiting years for a return on your investment, your facility will obtain immediate financial and clinical benefits of providing this valuable examination.  Our fee of $30 per FCE enables you to increase your cash flow now.  As other FCE vendors charge from $15,000 to $65,000 for their programs, the amount of time before a return on your investment is realized can be extensive.  For example, an FCE that costs $20,000 to acquire would require 33.3 FCEs (at $600 per FCE ) just to break even.

If the MediGraph FCE was employed during this same period, instead of breaking even to pay off the exorbitant acquisition costs,  you will produce a profit of $19,001 (33.3 FCEs x $600 = $20,000, minus $999 MediGraph Costs = $19,001 profit with MediGraph).  There are no up-front cost associated with the MediGraph FCE.  Therefore, the lack of investment means you will produce a profit after performing your first evaluation.