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Functional Capacity Certification

MediGraph Software is owned by Physical Therapists. We share and respect your skill, and  are aware that you do not need training in rudimentary evaluations.  As a licensed physical therapist, is it necessary to spend thousands of dollars to learn how to stack boxes, push a sled, or evaluate lifting technique? Do you find “certification taxes “and unnecessary travel for certification prohibitive? 

We at MediGraph Software have a better idea.

MediGraph's FCE certification is offered as a home study course and exam, eliminating travel costs and inflated fees that other non-published FCE's vendors charge.  Instead of charging exorbitant fees to review basic concepts, we provide the structure and academic background of the tasks that compose the FCE.  The certification is offered as a cost-effective home study course and exam, which upon completing will entitle you to proof of certification.  You will also be registered in the MediGraph Directory of Certified RFC-DOT providers.

The MediGraph Functional Capacity Evaluation has stood the test of peer-review, and has been published in the journals Spine and in the Clinical Journal of Pain for validity and reliability.  There is no need to attempt to inflate the value of our procedure with unreasonable certification fees.  The RFC-DOT stands on its own merits.

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